Growing up using traditional Sanitary napkins is a comfort.. until the day I gotten chance of using one of the leading tampons here in the Philippines.

What is a tampon?

A tampon is a feminine hygiene product designed to absorb the menstrual flow by insertion into the vagina during menstruation. Once inserted correctly a tampon is held in place by the vagina and expands as it soaks up menstrual blood.

Ladouce Tampons. Surely you heard about this, it is all over the internet these past few months, from Instagram post, Instagram Stories, Facebook ads down to online shopping websites. You can almost find these tampons anywhere.

When I first saw their advertisements in Facebook during early 2018, I got really curious since I’ve never used one before, and I thought of trying it eventually when I get a chance to see it in my nearest local stores.

I am starting to be practical every time I want to buy new things to make sure I will benefit from it. Before purchasing I always make sure to know more about the product’s background such as; Uses and prizes. In that way I can decide if it will cost me or benefit me. If it will costs me, I will have more restrictions on myself from buying it while if it’s beneficial, it will always end up on my Shopping list.


I ended up watching videos on Youtube, reading post up articles and visiting their official social media platforms to get more insights and in detailed information.

Ladouce collaborated with alot of Youtuber the recent year that’s why they are easily searched in the platform. They explained on how to use, the advantages and also the prizes. They even demonstrated on how to put a tampon inside you. (Ofcourse by using an object for example only..) It’s a great watch.

Here’s the link if you are interested to watch:

Ladouce tampons are available in 3 sizes. Mini, Normal and Super. Not just because of your body size, it also gives you the advantage to choose what to use during your period flows.


I personally used, Minis when it is my firsts and lasts days of  my period when the menstrual flows are very light while I used the Normal on my second days when my flow is in between heavy and light, I prefer using this in sleeping because it’s the most comfortable. As long as you change your tampons regularly, there’s no need to remove them at night.

We also have Super tampon I use this when I am outside doing my daily activities and errands.

At work, I prefer using this depending on my flow each Ladouce tampon will protect you day or night during 6 – 8 hours. I really suggest because it is a hassle free, I don’t want to go back and fourth every 2-3 hours in the cr to change napkins, when changed regularly and inserted correctly: there’s no chance of the blood leaking out.

I also noticed that there is no foul smell when using it, unlike the sanitary napkins where you can smell the leaks from your periods. Tampons are odor free.

The best part of using tampons is that they are seamless. I really hated when my napkins were bulky and noticeable.

If you are personally close to me you know that I much prefer wearing leggings, wearing leggings is tough when I was having periods. I tend to wear longer tshirts to avoid my napkins to be noticeable. It was challenging. Good thing tampons came, wearing leggings everyday is not a problem anymore.

One more thing, I have also worn this to my recent beach trip in Batangas. Look how carefree I was!


It’s an absolute life savior.

Ladouce tampons Mini

  • It is best for very light to light menstrual flow.
  • It absorbs 6 – 9 grams of menstrual blood.
  • It is best for the first time tampon user.
  • Ladouce tampons are designed to prevent menstrual leaking.
  • Ladouce tampons lock the fluid into the tampon core and provide 6-8
    hours protection.

Ladouce tampons Normal

  • It is best for moderate menstrual flow.
  • It absorbs 9-12 grams of menstrual blood.
  • Ladouce tampons are designed to prevent menstrual leaking.
  • Ladouce tampons lock the fluid into the tampon core and provide 6-8
    hours protection.

Ladouce tampons Super

  • It is best for heavy menstrual flow.
  • It absorbs 12-15 grams of menstrual blood.
  • Ladouce tampons are designed to prevent menstrual leaking.
  • Ladouce tampons lock the fluid into the tampon core and provide 6-8
    hours protection.

How to to use Tampons?

  • Sanitise your hands
  • Tear the protective seals
  • Unwrap the tampon string
  • Begin to insert your tampon as far back as possible. The Tampon is inserted correctly when you can no longer feel it
  • Leave the string hanging outside



Tear the protective seal open as indicated by the arrow or slightly bend the tampon to break the seal open and unwrap he bottom half of the covering. Carefully unwind the string and make sure to tug the string to ensure that it is attached.

 When should I use Tampon?

Since I am regular on having periods, I know when to inset a tampon in me. Typically, my period comes in the morning.

You may have a mini tampon inserted already when you know your about to have your period thus it is not recommended to use as pantyliner to everyday use to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome, It has never been proven scientifically that wearing a tampon can cause TSS.

Can a tampon fall out?

Before trying a tampon, I tend to think that it will fall out. I was obviously wrong. The tampon is inserted and the only way to remove it is by the long string attached to it, you need to pull it to remove it. Removing a tampon does not harm you in any way.

Because it is made of such soft material, it will glide soft and easy while leaving your body. Also there is no applicator because applicators tend to be plastic, we don’t like plastics and while maintaining the European standards and being Eco-friendly we prefer this one.



Are tampons more expensive compared to napkins?

The price of Ladouce tampons, compared to napkins is very competitive. So they are in no way more expensive than napkins.

Where to buy?


You can buy Ladouce tampons in Drugstores or Supermarkets locally in these following places Pampanga, Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan.
Nationwide we sell on these online platforms:


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