High Quality Tints For P80

“Wear your everyday beauty”


What does liptint do?

Lip tints are actually lip stains that come in matte or glossy finishes. The liquid product stains your lips for long-lasting color while remaining light and comfortable on your lips. It originally started in Korea and eventually became worldwide addiction because they are versatile and effective.





Lip stain is a cosmetic product used to color the lips, usually in form of a liquid or gel. It generally stays on longer than lipstick by leaving a stain of color on the lips. These types of tints will leave a deep stain on the lips that last for up to 12 hours.


One of the leading online cosmetic and skincare store in Instagram is N & Y Cosmetics, they are known for their Princess liptints. These liptints are named after our favorite Disney Princesses; Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White.  It is a five variety of different shades from the lightest to darkest one, each one has a sort of vibe.  It’s a high premium quality yet an absolute affordable one; only at P80.00.

You can always bring this with you since this is only tiny as your pinky finger, it consists with 5ML liquid, you can just slip this on your jean pocket or most likely in your purse. a travel  friendly one indeed.

The glass synthetic bottle is a spill proof which is a good thing for a liptint product alongside with it’s classy gold cap, you can never tell it is only P80.00.

As they said, small but terrible.

At the back of the packaging, the ingredients are indicated; Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, Glycerin, food Grade Colorant, Flavoring and Natural preservation




Growing up with a lot of Disney Princesses to adore, we have Snow white who truly loves to sing and to friends around. One of this tints is named after her, would you guess the shade? I also tried guessing the shade before swatching it, I thought of maybe either dark red or just bloody red.

It just gave me the dark red feeling because if you can remember the iconic red apple bite, she was a wearing bloody red lipstick. And to think the apple is also red!


If you guessed for red shade, join the club, we are correct! 

The last shade below is the Snow white shade. Where in it gives a red stain. The logo that you can see is cartooned Snow White. It is really cute.

for me these tints really suits tween, teens and women young at heart. Who can go wrong with Disney Princesses, right?

To think it is affordable, anyone can easily purchase this one.  Buying expensive cosmetics at the mall is not practical anymore especially when you have this kind of option on the other hand.

Feeling the Princess vibe. I’m wearing Snow White 

My hair says I’m little Mermaid but my lips says SNOW WHITE

There is no women in earth that does not use any red shade on their lips, you’d be laying if you disagree.

When I gotten the chance to swatch these five shades, I quickly tried on Snow white knowing that this is my favorite shade. Obviously, I fell inlove with it. It just suits me.

I remembered starting my make ups in college, I used to collect a lot of tube red lipstick. Might be a glossy one or matte. Name it, i have like 50 shades of them. Choosing lipstick with one shade was a challenge with my own dilemma.

That time, there were no other options to have, to think in this generation, there are a bunch of options to pick from. This generation is really blessed, I must say.

And yes, that’s the main reason why I am into red shades, I am surprised that up til now I am not yet umay with this.




The hair, the tail, the voice is sucha signature. 

I love Ariel, my favorite Mermaid in the Universe. No one will ever compare.

I am now  23 years old but I still sing the most anticipated song of hers which is the “Part of your world” it gives me chills every time I hear it. The first song I could never imagined that I could memorized back in my childhood. Ariel will always be a part of my world.

Ariel tint is part of dark shade. It is a Magenta.

Second best of my favorite after Snow White shade is this one.

I typically use this kind of shades at night time, where you can match with dark eye shadows with the same shade. You can stand out using this on a good parties and night events.

It is not over empowering, It is a light weight you can’t even notice that is sits still on your lips for long hours. You don’t have to worry about re application after eating, or even drinking water, the stain will last forever. I swear.





Aurora also known for Sleeping Beauty.

If you are a fan you’d know she wears her signature pink elegant gown every time. To make it comparatively the same with the shade, this shade under her name is not a surprise. It is indeed a PINK shade.

Here’s a closer look in the details of the packaging sticker. It includes their social media platforms, The logo and the ingredients. I can say it is a good design, I appreciate it. from the minimalist color to the logo itself.


If you are a girly girl one, this suits you best. The shade can match your pink purse or your pastel OOTD’s, it emphasizes your Barbie side.

Highly recommended for daily use, you can add this baby on your “No make up look” look.

Did I mention that these tints has most pigmentation formula, just one to two swipe and you are ready to go! The pigmentation is 100 percent alive in every coloration from it, talk about long lasting one.





Cinderella is known for her kind heart and cruel step mother and sisters. This darling reminds us that no matter what happen in life there will surely a happy ending. Or a bonus part, A Prince Charming.


The logo is the iconic shoe which Cinderella herself left in the castle while she was rushing to go home before her 12 midnight curfew.

The shade is more likely to be a violet one. If you are not in the mood to wear girly stains on your lips, you can go for this one.

Their roll on application makes the liquid tint kept intact inside, the roll on is not easily rolled which I prefer. It won’t make the tint spill and you can control the amount that will produce from it.

To add another fact on this liptints, they also have scents. Their scents is a combination of fruity and a touch of bubble gum which is very attractive yet not over empowering. Sounds very snacky, right?




Belle is known for being a book worm and the her Prince who used to be a beast.

If you asked, what is the logo meaning for this one. As per the fairytale story, you can see, it is a flower with a glass cover.  It is an enchanted flower that last forever in a dome. This flower is owned by the beast, it’s like an hourglass. Once the last petal come off, the beast will never be back to his Prince Charming look.

Last but not the least, we have Belle here. Belle is a shade of orangey touch. Suitable for morena girls.

As dual purpose cosmetic, you can use this liptint as cheek stain too. A tint that moisturizes your lips and leaves a gorgeous color without stickiness on your cheek a high color payoff.


What I liked:

  • The theme
  • Pigmented
  • Smudge free
  • Long lasting
  • Travel size friendly
  • Fruity scent
  • Affordable
  • Five shades
  • Easy market access

What I Disliked:

  • No seal and expiry date

Overall satisfaction 

My finals thoughts for this N & Y Cosmetics is 10/10.  I don’t usually give perfect score but this has an exemption. First of all, it is affordable, it is my priority for a cosmetic. second, it has a wide range variations of shades wherein you can personally pick for yourself and lastly the effectiveness and longevity is important, I can say that it is included in each liptint.


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